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Andrew Glaze Wealth Stack Advisory Services
Business Financial Advisory Services


Our CEO & Founder Andrew Glaze is a senior business executive with over twenty years of capital markets experience. Andrew has sourced, analyzed, structured, and executed over $1 billion of public and private investments throughout his career.

Now, he uses his unique insight and experience to help business owners optimize their financial structures in order to…

...scale quicker & more efficiently
...cut out wasted time
...increase their bottom line


We strive to be of service to a range of Veteran led businesses, such as businesses with $3M to $100M in revenue. We help smaller businesses acquire loans starting at $100k from community banks & digital platforms (like Clearco) and larger businesses acquire $50 million loans from investment banks and private equity backed lenders.

  • Wealth Stack Services

    Businesses with $3M to $100M of revenue

  • Wealth Stack Services

    Loans starting at $100k from community banks & digital platforms (like Clearco)

  • Wealth Stack Services

    $50 million loans from investment banks and private equity backed lenders

refined simplicity


Wealth Stack will help you focus on what's important, so you can focus on growing your business and increasing your bottom line.

Sign Up

We’ll onboard you to our business owner’s dashboard and then set up a one-on-one with Andrew or one of our financial experts.

Road Map

From there, a high-growth roadmap will be created for your business, which has been filtered through our analysis and crafted into a business plan.


We’ll introduce you to capital access and funding opportunities, all while advising you on how to optimize your capital structure.

Prior to founding Wealth Stack, Andrew worked at Standard General and Claar Advisors, as well as serving as the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Emys Capital.

He has structured and executed mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, leveraged buyouts, sales, IPOs, and recapitalizations

Businesses pay upwards of $10,000 to $50,000 per month to access Andrew’s financial advisory services. You can access them for just $5,000 per month!


Your Funding Journey

Develop an Impressive Business Plan
We can assist with this, or review and discuss your existing plans..
Step 2:
Build a Growth-Focused Financial Model
We collect your financials from your accounting software output and build the models for you.
Step 3:
Create an Attractive Investor Deck
We have seen hundreds of these and can help you cater your deck to meet the needs of your fund raise.
Step 4:
Build and Update Landing Pages
We will build a place for investors to view your company information, the deal you want to make and other information you want to share.
Step 5:
Create Investor/Creditor List
We will review our network and find attractive matches with investors who are in our network and looking for the kind of deal you want to make.
Step 6:
Outline Outreach Campaign
We will then meet with you and set up a schedule for outreach. We will identify key milestones and set up a targeted timeline for your deal.
Step 7:
Due Diligence
We will work with you and your team to review relevant information and help you format and identify what you need to provide.
Step 8:
Letter of Intent (Written by Andrew)
We will draft your letter of intent using our proprietary process and software.
Step 9:
Signing & Funding
We are here to for any questions you have about funding timelines and agreements.
Step 10:
Our relationships in the industry run deep. We have a wide array of products and experiences we can help you with.

We work with Veterans.

"Wealth Stack has been Amazing to work with."
Brian Sweigart
CEO @ Surefox
a wealth of benefits
  • Our team’s intuitive insight and understanding of business financial metrics will help ensure you’re not wasting time pursuing the wrong kind of financing.
  • You’ll be able to scale quicker with the right advice. We’ve sourced, analyzed, structured, and executed over $1 billion of public and private investments. We know how to point you in the right direction.
  • Achieve the success you deserve through improved financial gains without the busy work that other digital financial services offer you. We get straight to the point.
Our financial advice is tailored to fit the financial structure of each individual business and its growth needs. Here are some of the 36+ ways we can help you access capital to scale your operations…

Contract Loans

Through our relationships with Wall Street and various private investment vehicles all across the country, we’re able to connect you with lenders that will provide attractive financing tied to the strength and creditworthiness of your contracts. These types of loans can be ideal for companies with multi year contracts with large organizations (AT&T, Amazon, Federal Government agencies, Local government agencies). We vet these lenders so that you don’t have to waste time hunting for the right one.

SaaS Financing

SaaS Financing otherwise known as MRR loans for “monthly recurring revenue”. With this type of loan, a financial institution such as Clearco lends money to you based on the amount of monthly recurring revenue your business earns, using the future revenue as collateral.


The Small Business Investment Company Fund is a privately owned and managed investment fund that's licensed and regulated by the SBA. This is often a much faster and easier route than applying to borrow money from a private debt fund, and we can speed the process up even more for you through our expedited services.

Term Loans

Term loans provide borrowers with a lump sum of cash upfront in exchange for borrowers agreeing to pay their lenders a fixed amount over a certain repayment schedule. They offer more flexibility and lower interest rates and are often the ideal borrowing structure for small businesses.

Other capital access opportunities with Wealth Stack include:
business credit card counseling, stock loans, revolving loans, mezzanine loans, ARR-based loans, crowdfunding, opportunity zones, IPO, SPAC, hedge fund loans, private equity & more.

Need a more comprehensive high-growth financial product for your business?

We offer financial advice to employees, small business owners, and large corporations through our services:

Employer Benefits:
Simple, affordable, all-digital retirement solutions that integrate seamlessly with your payroll software
All plans come with access to corporate rewards and employee engagement perks (at no extra cost!)
Savings in the form of $16,500 worth of tax credits, meaning you can reinvest in the business or in yourself
Employee Benefits:
Retirement & Employee Benefits (includes Financial Education)
Corporate Financial Advisory
Best case scenario, our corporate clients enjoy both services rolled into one impressive, high-growth financial product. Why do we package this together? Being a small business owner is hard, and we’re here to make things simple for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

We are every man’s investment banker, from the small bodega owner to the multi-billion dollar CEO. We work with businesses earning $500,000 to $5M in annual revenue, from local brewery owners to CEOs of multi-billion dollar security firms. Our financial advice is tailored to fit the financial structure of each individual business and its growth needs.

Can I trust that I'm receiving high-quality financial advice?

Wealth Stack was founded by Andrew and a team of similarly experienced investment, finance, and marketing professionals. We have been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur; Wealth Stack has received awards from established institutions such as JP Morgan Chase. We work hard to instill trust in our digital advisory partners. That’s why we offer a free financial assessment to get started. Meet with Andrew first then you’ll see.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to get in touch! Send an email to and put "Advisory Services" in the subject line so we can address your questions ASAP.

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