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*When businesses opt-into our digital advisory services, you can earn between $500-50,000 in additional cash on large deals!

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Earn $200 per business you refer to the program.

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For businesses that opt for our financial advisory services, you get 10% of any deal they close!
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We make being a business owner simple

We do this by offering SIMPLE IRAs, financial education training, and financial consulting that allow business owners to scale quicker, cut out wasted time, and increase their bottom line.

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We make it easy for you to earn thousands of dollars a month

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Super simple
This is one of the easiest referral programs around. Put your affiliate link on your blog, in your email signature, or wherever you want for easy access.
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Earn easy money simply by referring businesses to our platform. Plus, there’s no cap on how much you can earn!
Refer any business
We serve business owners in all industries and from all walks of life. This means you can refer just about any business.
Promote literacy
We want to democratize financial literacy for all, particularly small business employees. Promote financial literacy while earning money.
Help small businesses
Love to help business owners succeed? Make extra money while promoting quality solutions that you actually believe in.
Big earnings potential
What other affiliate program allows you to earn up to $50,000 in recurring earnings? We want to help you earn as much as you can.

Who is a good fit for Wealth Stack?

We offer helpful financial advice and services to small business owners, large corporations, and their employees. Our three main products are:

  • Retirement & Employment Benefits

  • Corporate Financial Consulting

  • Financial Education

Our Dream Referrals

In an ideal case, our corporate clients enjoy all three services rolled into one impressive, high-growth financial product. This broadens the options you have as an affiliate partner, meaning that you can recommend a small bodega owner with five employees or a multi-million dollar CEO with forty employees.

We serve business owners in all industries and from all walks of life. Not sure if the business is a good fit? Send them our way and we’ll provide them with a consultation. If they sign up, you get the full referral payout.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the referral program work?

All you have to do is sign up for our affiliate program to get your own personal link to use for referrals. Using that link, refer business owners to the Wealth Stack platform.

When you sign up 5 businesses to the platform you earn $200/month per business each quarter. Sign 5 more businesses up to the platform and earn $250/month per business per quarter. Any businesses you bring in are worth $300/month after that.

On top of that, if a business you help sign up to the Wealth Stack platform participates in our digital advisory services and closes a deal, you will earn 10% of that total deal. Most businesses who work with us to complete these are closing deals worth about $5,000-$500,000. 10% of that is between $500-50,000 for a one-time deal. That payout goes straight to you!

How much can I earn as a Wealth Stack affiliate?

As much as you want! Some of our affiliates earn thousands of dollars a month referring businesses to the platform. There is no cap on the maximum amount of money you can earn.

How many businesses can I refer?

Again, as many as you want! Bring in more businesses to earn more money.

How do I get paid?

When you create your affiliate account with us, you’ll enter your payment details. Each quarter, we will calculate your total referrals to the platform and ensure that they have been fully registered as users. Then, we will deposit the money into the account that you have provided.

Can I trust that I’m referring people to a high-quality platform?

Our CEO & Founder Andrew Glaze is a senior business executive with over twenty years of capital markets experience. Andrew has sourced, analyzed, structured, and executed over $500 million of public and private investments throughout his career.

Wealth Stack was founded by Andrew and a team of similarly experienced investment, finance, and marketing professionals. We have been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur and Wealth Stack has received awards from established institutions such as JP Morgan Chase.

We work hard to instill trust in not only our users but our affiliate partners as well.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to get in touch! Send an email to and put "Affiliate Program" in the subject line so we can address your questions ASAP.