Surefox Engages Wealth Stack for $50-$100 Million Fund Raise

Provides custom security solutions and resources to support professional sporting events, concerts, and high-profile corporate events.
Provides Access to Capital, M&A and Strategic Planning Services to Enhance Growth

Wealth Stack has engaged with SureFox to Raise between $50 MM and $100 MM.


The Surefox executive protection teams collaborate with each other and other world-class security experts to ensure clients with elevated personal risk due to their employment, public status, net worth, or geographical locations are protected in public, at home, and while travelling.
As no two environments are precisely the same, our close protection services are customized to meet your specific protective detail requirements with extensive consideration given to risk, environment, and discretion.
This service includes detailed planning and advance preparations, using the latest counter-surveillance methods coupled with protective intelligence analysis and reporting in conjunction with physical ‘close-in’ escort security that enables us to protect and remove a client from harm.


Our CEO & Founder, Andrew Glaze, is a senior business executive with over 20 years of capital markets experience. Andrew is also a Veteran as are all of Wealth Stack’s employees. Andrew has sourced, analyzed, structured, and executed over $1 billion of public and private investments throughout his career. Now, he uses his unique insight and experience to help other Veteran business leaders optimize their capital structures in order to…
scale quicker
reduce wasted time
and increase their bottom line
We strive to be of service to a range of Veteran led businesses, such as businesses with $3M to $100M in revenue. We help smaller businesses acquire loans starting at $100k from community banks & digital platforms (like Clearco) and larger businesses acquire $50 million loans from investment banks and private equity backed lenders.

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