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Wealth Stack
Meet Andrew Glaze, CFA

Wealth Stack's founder and a highly qualified private equity executive.

With a Computer Science degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and five years of service in the United States Army, including a command role in Baghdad, Andrew brings a unique blend of leadership and technical skills to the table. After completing his M.B.A. with a focus on Value Investing from Columbia Business School, Andrew has worked at top financial institutions such as CitiGroup, Merrill Lynch, and Standard General, gaining valuable insights and expertise in the industry. In addition to his successful career in investing, Andrew has also served on the boards of two public companies, including NASDAQ:NCMI and NASDAQ:MDIA, where he currently serves as the Diversity & Inclusion Chair. If you're interested in learning more about how Andrew and our team can help you achieve your investment goals, we invite you to schedule a meeting with us today.

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Caleb King

Caleb serves as COO and marketing designer.



Justin White

Justin serves as head of Partnerships.