SIMPLE IRA Solutions with Perks

We make being a business owner simple

Say goodbye to complex retirement plans. Our simple, affordable all-digital retirement solutions make it easy for busy business owners to attract & retain talent while improving their bottom line.


We are every man’s investment banker, from the small bodega owner to the multi-billion dollar CEO

Wealth Stack is an all-in-one digital financial platform offering simple, affordable digital retirement plans and other perks that help business owners attract & retain top talent that can help them scale and increase productivity

Register in under five minutes, rollover existing accounts with ease
Seamless integration and built-in employee perks & rewards to hep you retain top talent
increase employee engagement

Wealth Stack SIMPLE IRAs give employees a reason to stay

We bundle the power of our impressive business owner portal with access to corporate discounts, travel rewards, and other employee perks that help business owners attract and retain top talent to increase employee engagement and their bottom line.


SIMPLE IRAs bundled with other high-growth financial products

Retirement & 
Employee Benefits

Our affordable SIMPLE IRA accounts are easy to set up and fully compliant with state and federal regulations. Our platform’s software is fully integrable with top payroll software, including QuickBooks, Q2, Stripe, and more.

Financial Education & 

Through our IRA app, we aim to democratize access to high-quality financial education for you and your employees. Our goal is to make learning about finance easy with simple steps that let your employees get started today.

Professional Corporate Financial Consulting

We help you focus on what's important by using our unique insight and Wall Street public and private investment experience to optimize your financial structures in order to scale quicker, cut out wasted time, and increase their bottom line.


SIMPLE IRAs are the easiest, most affordable solution for small business owner with under 50 employees. Enjoy zero regulatory issues, unlimited investment options and other Wealth Stack perks.

Don't believe us? Download our guide comparing a 401(k) vs. SIMPLE IRA.


Turn your smartphone into an engaging financial tool for all of your employees

Our SIMPLE IRA plans and employee engagement solutions include access to a proprietary app that was designed by the team that developed Acorns.

  • More investment options than traditional investment apps and retirement accounts
  • Access to financial education and training, including 100+ videos and articles from our team of high-performing financial experts in areas of retirement, stocks, savings, and more
  • The ability to chat one-on-one with our team whenever questions about finances arise
  • Access to employee discount programs and corporate perks that make them love working for your company

Benefits for employers & employees

Your employees are your number one investment. Our platform helps you keep your employees happy while helping you grow, scale, and increase your revenue.

Employer Benefits:
Simple, affordable, all-digital retirement solutions that integrate seamlessly with your payroll software
All plans come with access to corporate rewards and employee engagement perks (at no extra cost!)
Savings in the form of $16,500 worth of tax credits, meaning you can reinvest in the business or in yourself
Employee Benefits:
100+ educational videos and articles from our team of high-performing financial experts
Access to exclusive corporate rewards, travel discounts, and other perks and benefits
In-app chat and support to help answer questions about building a financial future
Get Started

Set up a simple, affordable retirement plan for your business in as fast as 5 minutes

Get Started
Optimize your financial structure to increase your revenue
Access investment pros with capital markets experience
Employee discount programs and corporate perks
Retirement plans with more investment options than 401(k)
Our low-cost solution starts at just $49/month
Save 40+ hours of wasted time each month in management
Rollover to a SIMPLE IRA in as fast as 8 minutes
We handle all tax documents & onboarding for your employees

We Want to Help!

"I feel like I've been preparing for this my whole life. I have always viewed myself as a teacher, and it's great to finally be able to help the peple who really need it."
Caleb King
COO @ Wealth Stack

This is really something special!

“Finally, we can actually help people and provide them with a cool service that actually helps them improve their business financial metrics.
Justin White
Partnerships @ Wealth Stack

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of business owners are your solutions for?

From the small bodega owner to the multi-billion dollar CEO, we help business owners with various different financial structures. Our services and solutions are designed to make begin a business owner simple, whatever industry they're in, from breweries, restaurants, accounting firms, and dental offices to businesses bringing in $5M+ in annual revenue.

What does this have to do with the CalSavers mandate?

The CalSavers Retirement Program is a new state-based retirement plan for small businesses in California and their employees. As of June 30th, 2022, all California business owners with five or more employees are required by law to offer retirement plan options to their employees. We have spoken with these small business owners and have found that they're not too fond of CalSavers, and other states are quickly implementing similar mandates. Wealth Stack is the simple, affordable answer to that.

What do I have to do to set up an IRA account?

Click any one of the Get Started buttons on this page. We'll ask for some basic information about your business, but it shouldn't take more than 8 minutes. Once you've given us what we need, we'll direct you to the payment processing page. After successfully registering, we'll take care of this rest. This includes completing all the documents required to set your employees up with their SIMPLE IRA plans, sending out employee access to our IRA app, and handling all tax documentation.

Do you only offer SIMPLE IRA accounts?

Yep! We've done our research.  SIMPLE IRAs are the absolute best option for small business owners. When it comes to SIMPLE IRA vs. 401(k), small business owners enjoy way less regulatory issues with SIMPLE IRAs. On top of that, there are no annual filing requirements, more investment options for your employees, and a whole host of other benefits.

Namely, with a SIMPLE IRA, though, you can give your employees the freedom and flexibility to choose to invest in any of the assets of the financial institution where the account is held.

What's included in your SIMPLE IRA plan?

When you sign up for a Wealth Stack SIMPLE IRA plan, you (as the employer) get access to our business owner dashboard where we've made it easy for you to integrate Wealth Stack with your payroll software. Your employees get access to our IRA app where they can find 100+ financial education videos and articles to help them learn how to build wealth. All SIMPLE IRA plans also come with access to our employee engagement programs, including corporate discounts, travel rewards, and more.

What is the SIMPLE IRA employer contribution?

With a SIMPLE IRA, employers still have an obligation to match a small percentage of contributions.  Employers have to offer a matching contribution of up to 3% of an employee's salary or a 2% nonelective contribution for each eligible employee.

Is the SIMPLE IRA rollover an easy process?

With Wealth Stack it is! We need you to fill out some basic information about your business. That part of the sign-up process should take no more than five minutes. From there, we handle the rest of the rollover process. You experience zero interruption in your retirement plan coverage.

How do Wealth Stack solutions help with employee engagement?

As a business owner, your employees are your number one investment. Our platform helps you keep them happy by allowing you to not only offer them high-quality retirement solutions, but also by giving them access to our cutting-edge IRA app.

Studies show that 76% of employees are likely to be attracted to a company that cares about their financial well-being. Our platform helps those employees attain financial well-being by giving them the tools and resources they need to succeed financially and plan for their future.

Along with financial education that no other retirement solution provides, we also offer corporate rewards, travel discounts, and other perks that help increase employee engagement.